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Modiran pars Co. (MPC) was established in 1990 in order to be active in the field of automotive business, industrial section and commercial divisions.

MPC started its activities as the sole sales and after sales services company of Daewoo vehicles in Iran from 1992 when Kerman Automotive Industries Co (KAIC) started import and then assembling Daewoo passenger cars in Kerman Motor factory (affiliated to KAIC) .

MPC's main activities included :

- Marketing and Advertisement
- Registration and pre-sale of the cars throughout Iran
- Preparing and initiating the Sales and After Sales Network throughout the country for rendering Guaranty and Warranty services
- Providing spare parts through import and production
- Localization of Special Service Tools and Electronic Scanners for equipping authorized workshops
- Training technicians and Employees of workshops of MPC Service Network

With regards to expansion and more specialization of activities for supply of assembly parts and spare parts for after sales, in the year 1997 an organization formed in order to localization, called Kerman Automotive Design and Engineering Company (KADEC) with cooperation and supervision of KAIC.

Modiran Pars Co. renders Sales, After Sales, Warranty and Guaranty Services for the car owners through its service network covering authorized workshops and dealers all over the country of Iran.

Modiran Pars expanded its network all over Iran and gained customers' satisfaction significantly due to its good and on time delivery and service to car owners. This procedure continued till first phase of sanctions against Iran, since Daewoo joined to General Motors and it had to stop working with Iran. KAIC shifted to work with Hyundai Motor and Volkswagen and consequently MPC continued to render the a/m services.

In contract signing ceremony of VW in Arg-e-jadid in Bam city (Kerman province), Mr. Weibgerber, Volkswagen Member of the Board while referring to MPC operational background as its privilege declared:

" The cars will be sold throughout Iran by an exclusive dealer network owned by Modiran Pars Co. This means that there will be initially over 70 dealers located primarily in Iran's urban centers ready to sell the Gol."

Due to new sanctions against Iran VW and Hyundai Motor also stopped working with Iran therefore, Chinese cars unwillingly replaced those brands.

At the meantime, in order to utilize the potential capabilities of MPC network with the coordination of the Iranian Management Center of Fuel and Transportation in the year 2006, MPC delivered more than 2000 units of Karsan Van/Minibus (imported from Turkey with Mahindra diesel engine) to customers and then rendered After Sales services till 2009.

For about 2 years MPC rendered Sales and After Sales Services to Chinese cars but due to some view points and Management changes in KAIC, Modiran Pars stopped these services and independently (apart from KAIC Group) expanded its commercial activities and focused on import of Spare Parts for cars in guarantee and warranty period as well as other running cars in Iran .

By taking advantage of its professional background and experience in the field of vehicle production management, sales and after sales services , Modiran Pars Co is still ready to render its services throughout the country. At the meantime in regards to the prensence of the company's shareholders and board members in the field of commercial sections and distribution industry of produced and imported items, Modiran Pars Co., is willing to share its knowledge in the form of mutual cooperation sales agency and service rendering with relevant companies and organization .


  Modiran Pars co. (MPC)